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Can I do foils with Henna

Discussion in 'Henna Hair Dye Questions' started by Shola, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. Shola

    Shola Guest

    Hi there,

    I have bleached blonde hair with about 3 inches of brown regrowth. I have sworn of chemicals due to my poor liver being very unhappy with me :(, problem is I am not too keen on my mousy brown hair, it makes me look old, washed out and tired.

    I do need to blend my regrowth as that looks very tacky, so I have ordered Light Brown Henna, Brown Henna and also Amla, as it was recommended to add this to the Light Brown to avoid orange tones due to the majority of my hair being blonde. I have fine shoulder length hair which looks fuller when I add dimension to it with highlights so I was wondering if I could achieve more depth using a combination of Henna colors?

    I realize Henna does not lighten, but I was curious to know if I could create a nice effect using several mixtures:- the Light Brown without Amla for some copper highlights, Light brown with the Amla for a base tone, and then straight Brown for some depth?

    :oops: I may be dreaming here?, I am no hairstylist expert, but I wondered if I could do this in the same way one would have their hair highlighted using foils?

    I thought I could even leave out a few streaks of my blonde hair for some added highlights. I realize this may be fiddly but wondered if this has ever been tried?

    Would Henna, Indigo or Amla react with tin foil?
    If so maybe I could section off strands using plastic cling wrap?

    Would appreciate any advice :)

    View attachment 92
  2. Admin

    Admin Henna Hut Staff Member

    Foil will not hurt it, but if air does not get to it it might not work as well. You can mix any of our colors together. Strand test :) Strand test :)

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