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Deep Red Henna

Discussion in 'Henna Hair Dye Questions' started by Erin, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Erin

    Erin Guest

    About a year ago I started dyeing my hair a deep cherry red color using both L'Oreal HiColor Highlights in Magenta and Manic Panic in Infra Red and Vampire Red in between actual dyes to refresh the color. I kept up with it for about 6 months but after a while it was just too much work. Between showering in ice cold water to keep it from fading and dyeing it with the chemical dye once a month, I was fed up and my hair was destroyed. I decided to just let it fade and walked around with pinkish orange hair until it finally faded to a strawberry blonde color that I've now had for about 5 months. I'd like to go back to the red I had, but I don't want to go through everything I did just to keep it vibrant. So my questions are, how can I get that vibrant, dark cherry red again? Will I have to bleach my hair first? What color henna should I use to achieve this color? I'm open to any suggestions. I'm trying to achieve the top color, around my bangs.


    and this is the color that I have now. My roots are darkest brown, which unfortunately you can't see in this picture.


    Again, any suggestions. Thank you in advance and sorry for the long post!
  2. Admin

    Admin Henna Hut Staff Member

    Do not bleach your hair! It is so very bad for you and your liver! Your hair is light enough that deep red or red will be BAM! Deep Red on white hair might be fiery and may require a second app which will make it really deep red.

    If you look at pic # 9 http://www.hennahut.com/henna_testimonials that is red-red on natural red. Which looks about like your color now. Deep red will be deeper and keep in mind it will take a full 48 hours to get to the darkest final color.

    Please post some pics when you are done! :) :) :)

    Also if you had a hard time keeping the chemicals in, take a look at the products you are putting in your hair. Oils and leave in conditioners will strip all of the good stuff. We get hundreds off of the oil and leave ins and there hair goes back to awesome :)

    You might want to start with red red and then go deep red... You can also mix them together!
    Strand test strand test ;)

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