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Question about your products

Discussion in 'Henna Hair Dye Questions' started by Talymo, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. Talymo

    Talymo Private First Class

    I have done henna/amla/indigo treatments to color my dark brown hair almost black and to cover my greys around my hairline and throughout my hair for about 2 yrs using a different company's product. I stopped after Dec. 2012 because the time it took to do my hair (it is very thick, naturally curly and about 1-2 inches past my shoulders curly). I had a very hard time getting this mix to cover my grays....I tried adding salt, sleeping in the mix to make sure the color would take and within a couple of weeks my grays would pop back out. So I stopped using to color my hair but since April 2013 went back to chemical (demi permanent) dark brown to cover my roots/grays only. I have noticed my hair is not as in good health as it was when I was using henna/amla/indigo (grew very fast too!!). I have been getting more shedding (long strands when detangling with conditioner in the shower) so I thought I would try Cassia to strengthen my hair (I applied on dirty hair, left in 2 hrs accidentally, planned to leave for just 1 hr), shampooed out and put on a protein free conditioner to detangle. I can tell my hair seems thicker/stronger already!!

    I know I will need to touch up my grays soon and I want to try the dark brown/mahogany but I saw your "do not do" list and have concerns about not using oil or conditioner right after using henna. when I henna'd before, I noticed my hair was very dry after rinsing out and had to use a conditioner immediately afterwards to get some moisture back in my hair. I see your recommendations have been to use yogurt as a conditioner after using henna, wait 24-48 hrs then shampoo and condition.

    I just cannot imagine not using any oil on my hair as I workout 6 days a week and usually condition wash after 3 days and use oil on my scalp and hair to keep it from feeling so dry in between wash days.

    I also use leave in conditioners but could probably be okay w/o them. My question is what do I put on my hair to give it moisture if you are not supposed to use oil? Can I use moisturizers, creams, butters on my hair prior to styling? What about hair gels? Can I use hydrating moisturizers that contain water & oil/butters?

    I currently use a couple of different natural hair product lines I really like but I am concerned if I use your henna can I continue to use my current natural hair products (moisturizers, creams for braid outs and hair gels for wash n goes)

    I really want to try your hair color but I guess I don't understand how my hair will get the proper moisture it will need as I know from my past experience henna dried my hair even though I deep conditioned and put oils (grape seed, avocado, argan oil, etc.) on a regular basis.

  2. Admin

    Admin Henna Hut Staff Member

    OK first of all read this about oil treatments http://community.hennahut.com/threads/oil-treatments.130/.

    You have got to get off of the oil and onto our shampoos. Oil is bad period. I recommend our green tea conditioner and aloe vera shampoo. Use it daily or bi-daily at the least. It will take your hair 3 months to get back to the way it is intended to be.

    Hair gels are fine. With millions out there you really just have to go for it. I use a few different ones and no problems.

    I love mahogany :) Give it 2 weeks of shampooing before you use the dye. The dye will not stick to oil.
    meanwhile most peoples hair does grow out in 2 weeks, so it is normal to see your roots. Use a root touch up kit or application kit to touch it up as needed. Store unmixed hair dye in a zip lock baggy.

    Cassia is a great treatment for the hair to help recover faster. We also add natural conditioners to the dye so you get extra on top of that.

    So the only conditioner or moisturizer you should use is rinse conditioner. Once you break the chains you will never go back. Chemical hair dye is the main reason you probably got to that state.

    So follow our directions and you will be fine. It does feel dry when you rinse the dye out, but as soon as you shampoo it 24 hours later you will be happy happy :)

    You can use a cream rinse right after you rinse out the hair dye if you have thick hair or it is tangled.

    The FDA recommends washing your hair daily. We recommend it as well.

    Repeat after me. OIL IS BAD. OIL DRYS THE HAIR.

    Harvest Moon natural shampoo keeps it at its natural state. The only way to get protein is to eat protein.
    Shampoo daily or every other day. I wash mine twice a day. When I wake and I work out in the evening. Our shampoo is like baby shampoo, only more gentle.

    Our shampoo will last a super log time.
  3. Jennie

    Jennie Seargent

    The products here are WONDERFUL!! I started with just the henna and moved up to the shampoo and conditioner (aloe vera shampoo and green tea conditioner) i have naturally curly hair and my hair has been in the best shape its ever been in, i use to use the sulfate free line from loreal a creme/gel product. I have had zero issues with Harvest Moon. It took a few months for everything to really take to my hair, but i will never go back to chemicals OR another shampoo and conditioner, now that i read this i may have to give the cassia a try too,
    you wont regret it!
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  4. Talymo

    Talymo Private First Class

    Thanks for the quick response! I have heard this in the past from a previous hairstylist saying African Americans do not need all the oil on our hair & scalp!!! So basically all you are saying I need to use is your Aloe vera shampoo and Green tea conditioner and some gel (I really like Curly Kinks Coil Jam...it is very light, and does not harden my hair). This also makes sense as to why the henna/amla/indigo mix I would use would not take to my grays around my hairline....I was putting a pomade (I am sure oil based) to around my hairline to keep the mix from staining my skin. With the added oils in my hair I can now see why other companies say you have to leave the henna mix in for hours on in because the added oils are keeping it from penetrating to your hair. So I only leave your henna mixes in for 1 hr even for stubborn grays? Anything I can put on my skin(hairline, ears, neck) to protect it from staining?

    So the difference with Mahogany & Dark Brown is that Mahogany will give me some red highlights on my grays? My hair is very dark brown and when I did the 2 step henna/amla & indigo or 1 step it made my hair almost black. I really don't want a lot of red highlights so maybe I should try Dark brown.....

    This will definitely take some getting used to not applying anything on my hair after conditioning as it is usually starts to dry fairly quickly & gets frizzy in some areas.

    What would you consider a cream rinse conditioner after using the henna mix? A moisturizing conditioner without any oil? I have a pumpkin seed conditioner I really like, Trader Joes Nourish Spa is fairly good and a Pomegranate moisturizing conditioner--I have been using mostly natural products as my hair does not like products that have chemicals in them.

    When I swim in the pool, would I just use the same AV shampoo and Green Tea conditioner? I just did my first Cassia treatment yesterday and can tell my hair feels stronger already. I will order samples of your shampoo & conditioner and the Mahogany kit but will wait at least 2 weeks after shampoo and conditioning every other day with your products before I color my hair.

    I appreciate your quick response and will post an update in a few weeks after I have tried your products.

    Thank you!!
  5. Admin

    Admin Henna Hut Staff Member

    Jennie are you a VIP member?
  6. Admin

    Admin Henna Hut Staff Member

  7. Jennie

    Jennie Seargent

    not as of yet i am not.
  8. Admin

    Admin Henna Hut Staff Member

    well we are gonna fix that ;) We love feed back so we will get you a VIP code. Can you get me your last order number? Please do not post personal information on here.
  9. Talymo

    Talymo Private First Class

  10. Talymo

    Talymo Private First Class

    Thanks Jennie for your recommendation of the aloe vera shampoo & green tea conditioner. I have started using both as of Friday....and will use every other day for 2 weeks and use the dark brown henna. I can tell a difference in my hair already. It has a shine to it and the frizz is going away. I have been use a natural gel to give it a bit of hold/control but have received compliments already since I have used the poo & conditioner and it was only after 1 day!!

    I am excited to get back to henna without having to leave it in for hours on end....the reason I stopped and went back to chemical coloring...which I could tell in the past few months more shedding than I had when I was using henna/amla & indigo.

    My question about your conditioner--will it come in a larger container (20 oz or larger)? I have almost used 1/2 the bottle just in 2 times. My hair is very thick, curly and long (past my shoulders about 1-2 inches). I just ordered another bottle but I am thinking I will go through it very quickly if this is all I am using every other day. I can tell the poo is very concentrated and should last a bit.

    Can I use another rinse out conditioner (at least for my detangling days..I detangle with a wide tooth comb once a week) if it contains oil?

    I have an Okra, cucumber reconstructor (has aloe vera leaf juice, Okra extract, keratin, soy protein, wheat amino acids, hemp seed oil, wheat germ oil, calendula, sunflower extract, sea kelp extract, marshmallow, glycerin, rice protein, behentrimonium methosulfate, panthenol) and a Pomegranate moisturizing conditioner( similar ingredients but has Olea Uropaea (olive oil), burdock root extract, horsetail, leaf extract, castor oil, carrot juice, avocado oil, evening primrose oil) that has been wonderful for moisturizing & detangling my hair.

    I just received the conditioners prior to learning about your products and regimen. Is it okay to use these only on my detangling days even though they contain oils? I usually leave in for about 15-30 minutes and then rinse out I would still use your green tea conditioner every other day.
  11. Admin

    Admin Henna Hut Staff Member

    HI Talymo,
    The shampoo and conditioner are only in a 12 ounce bottle at this time. We may add larger sizes if the demand gets great enough to support them. Once bottle of conditioner should last you at least 2 months if not longer. I have medium thickness hair a little longer than shoulder (similar to yours) and 1 conditioner last me about 4 months and I use it daily. I use about 4-6 pumps of the conditioner daily, so if you are using more than that it will go faster. Yes, you can use a different conditioner, you just want to avoid leave-in conditioners that stay on the hair all day. These types can lift the dye from your hair and it will just rinse away very easily.
  12. Talymo

    Talymo Private First Class

    Thanks for your response! I will continue using the Green tea conditioner most of the week and just use the other conditioners for detangling (once a week). Looking forward to doing my dark brown henna. I was told to just shampoo & condition for a couple of weeks before I do the henna so towards the end of the month I plan to henna.

    I have been using a little gl after I shampoo/condition (every other day) to give a bit of hold--will this still be okay after I henna? The gels are natural gels but I think they do have an oil (far down the ingredient statement).
  13. Admin

    Admin Henna Hut Staff Member

    The gel should be fine. Hard to say with so many products on the market. :oops:
  14. Talymo

    Talymo Private First Class

    Ok thanks! I have 3 gels I like that are fairly natural but 2 have a few essential oils towards the end of the ingredient statement and one doesn't have any. I will try them out and see if they rinse my color away after I henna.
  15. Jennie

    Jennie Seargent

    not a problem! it will get better and better as you use it, and i notice now i get excited to henna my hair before i dreaded the chemical dye because i knew the dry hair i got after.

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