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Thinning hair Not caused by hair dye

Discussion in 'Henna Hair Dye Questions' started by RVictoria, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. RVictoria

    RVictoria Guest

    I have a thinning patch near my hairline (not caused by coloring my hair), and I've been shedding a lot more this past year or so. Over the last few months, several people have told me to try Nioxin (it really isn't bad enough to visit a doctor yet). I've been taking Biotin the last few months as well, not sure if I see a result yet or not.

    I just discovered this website when I decided I wanted to dye my hair, and I've been using the Henna shampoo and the Green Tea conditioner for a couple of days. I'm going to try the Henna this weekend (I'm so excited!).

    My questions:
    Will the use of the shampoo and conditioner help thicken up the hair in that thinning area?
    Will using Nioxin help? They're chemicals I don't really want to put on my head if I don't have to, but I don't want to lose all my hair either! Will Nioxin interact with Henna (it's alcohol-free), and turn my hair a funny color or make it fade?
    Does anyone have any other suggestions for this thinning area?

    Thanks in advance for any help/advice!
  2. Bonkers

    Bonkers Corporal

    I can't speak for the shampoo/condition products, i'm sure admins here will answer you questions about that, but in addition to putting things on your head, i would definitely suggest that you try taking prenatal vitamins, especially if you arent taking daily multivitamins already. in my case at least, my worst period of heavy hair shedding was in large part nutritionally related, and the extra vitamins and minerals they put in the prenatal ones specifically helped put a stop to my thinning hair issues.
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  3. RVictoria

    RVictoria Guest

    Thank you, Bonkers. I will definitely look into switching out my regular multivitamin with a prenatal one.
  4. Admin

    Admin Henna Hut Staff Member

  5. RVictoria

    RVictoria Guest

    Thanks! I'll try the Neem shampoo.
  6. RVictoria

    RVictoria Guest

    I've been using the Henna shampoo & Green Tea conditioner for over a week now, and didn't realize how much less hair I was shedding, until this morning I had to use a different shampoo with sulfates and other chemicals (I didn't have access to mine) - there was a ton of hair in the drain catcher and in my comb!! So maybe it's not genetics or stress or whatever else others were saying might be the cause, but my hair products all along. :( And that was the Henna shampoo, I'm definitely looking forward to trying the Neem which others say works great on shedding hair.

    Thanks, Henna Hut!
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  7. hala

    hala Guest

    Where can I find the ingredients list for the neem and the aloe vera shampoo?

    *edit: I think it's funny that Henna Hut states: "This messge is awaiting moderator... and can not be viewed by normal visitors". I am normal! Lol :)
  8. Admin

    Admin Henna Hut Staff Member

  9. Julia Rachels

    Julia Rachels Private First Class

    Hi! I love your products! Chemical hair dye caused my hair to thin and fall out. Your dye is absolutely amazing. That goes for the shampoo as well! OMG! It is flat out amazing! So when are you going to get more in stock? I hope soon! Please put me on the list to purchase it first! My scalp has never felt better, not has my hair looked so wonderful!

    Thank you!
    Admin likes this.
  10. Admin

    Admin Henna Hut Staff Member

    Thank you for those kind words! We do not have a list per say. But if you sign up for our news letter we will let everyone know when it is in stock. There will be plenty for everyone. It should be here Monday, but we are already working on a new batch, so we do not run out again.

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